Matt Warshaw sobre Andy Irons

Quando um burro fala, os outros baixam as orelhas. Quando este burro, que considero um dos meus favoritos, fala, eu paro, escuto e partilho convosco.

Entrevista do Matt Warshaw com a Surfer Magazine por ocasião do sexto aniversário da morte de Andy Irons, há dias.

Em baixo, mais um exemplo da clarividência deste tipo:

"The days, weeks, months after Andy died — that stretch of time, to me, is one of surfing’s most shameful episodes. The dengue fever lie, the delays on the autopsy report, the family hiring their own pathologist to say that Andy died “a natural death,” and “there were no other factors contributing to the death” besides a bum heart. In terms of the family, you kinda get where that’s all coming from. But the surf media went along with it, whole hog, everybody went along with it—except Brad, who went out there and dug out as much of the true story as he could. And got slammed on by most people for doing so. So on top of the sadness of Andy dying, our sport ends up covered in embarrassment, as well. That’s how I felt, anyway."

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