Dear ASP,

Sorry guys, I'm writing this one in english in order to increase the chances of the ASP reading it. It concerns an important matter and I thank you for your understanding.

Dear ASP,

I'm writing you because of a serious matter that has come to my attention since the first contest of the Samsung ASP World Tour. When the "new" tour debuted both I and all the surf fans in the world were confronted with the many changes that you put in place in the web transmission. New graphics, new logos, the "desk" and a new and stable webcast team. It's precisely because of the new team that I'm writing you. While I don't mind the presence of Joe, Pete, Martin and Rosy and can even tolerate Todd and Ross, it's beyond my reasonble power to withstand the presence of Pat. I was actually a fan of his show on FUEL Tv where he did an O.K. job interviewing people and I can say I know his work for some time now. Therefore I can tell that his work was never related to commentating surfing. And now that you put him doing that job, he is not doing it well. In fact, he is doing it poorly. While he is obviously a good comunicator, that is not the position you put him on the webcast team. As you are well aware, he is doing the "reporting" part of the webcast: he is telling the spectator what the spectator is watching. It's just like in a soccer game: one of the guys reports, the other colours.

And this is the problem. Pat does not know how to report. He is trying - hard. But missing it - hard. He does not know what he is watching. He can not tell the difference between a check turn and a carve, a fin throw and a lip hit. And there's even a worse one... He can not tell the difference between a barrel and a "little cover". While I can understand that some on the face turns are hard to distinguish, I can not accept that an official commentator knows no difference between a barrel and a shampoo.

I've have been thinking about writing this letter for some time know and finally did it after the ASP Heritage Series at Jeffrey's Bay. Why the timing you may ask? Because Tom Curren got a 10 and on that wave he surfed a long and technical barrel that Mr.Parnell called a "little cover". I get that J-Bay is hard to figure out but still...who couldn't tell that it was going to be a good one?

Yours truly,

Diogo aqui do blog

P.S. Evidence on your video posted on the previous post.

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