Os segredos de Fiji com Kelly Slater

#8 Would you consider Fiji one of your strongest events on tour? Is it a venue that you could remain competitive at for several years to come?

 I feel at home in Fiji and when things come together I feel like I could be competitive there forever. The waves do most of the work for you, you just need to fit into it properly and pick the right ones. Experience has won me events there for sure a few times.

#9 When most people reach for step-up boards (6'3"s, 6'6"s, etc.), your tendency is to grab a 5'9". What's the theory behind this and why don't you think more of the Top 34 do the same?

I can't talk about that...


On a side note, I really think Fiji and Pipe and possibly Teahupo'o and/or J-Bay should be considered "Majors" for us and be given double points. Three or four events with 20,000 points for first. The money doesn't matter; it's the value for quality locations that should have an emphasis placed on it and the non-dream tour waves can stay, but take a back seat. There would then be a real impact from what everyone considers to be the best surf spots.

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