Um romance entre Fanning e uma prancha do Kolohe

A história:

"Hurley Pro - Final Wrap The undeniable high light, and most pleasant suprise, of the event for me had to be the Mick Fanning episode. He called me after R1 asking if I could help him with a board for the tiny surf we had to start with. He came down and we looked at his equipment, and decided to do a couple boards. While at the shop he digs around and grabs an old KA trade in Sub Driver. 5 '11 18.88 2.25 with KA's signature 12" wide nose (Check photo of him holding it on the beach) and giant tail block. Micks normal board is about the same length, but only 18.38 and a nose thats well under 11.50" wide. He ran off with it and then proceeded to go looney on the thing for the remainder of the event.I don't think he looked as tack sharp or precise as he does on his narrower boards, but he sure looked fun, loose and lively. He told me it was the most fun he had in a contest in a long long time. I have to admit I have never seen one of my boards surfed like that. Taj, Kolohe JW...none of them have that same wrap that only Mick possess. hurley.com/hurleypro/dvr/dvr.cfm# I watch his heats on demand and just think that my friend Darren Handley sure has one hell of a masterfull RnD guy to work with...Damn. By the end of the week I shaped him one a bit closer to his typical board to bring to Europe...see the stoke. I am in awes of his surfing."

E a verdade: há muito que não se via o Mick tão confortável em cima de uma prancha. Que máquina.

LOST.TV - The Fanning Episode from Lost Enterprises on Vimeo.