Nunca mais tenham dúvidas, é isto que os juízes querem!

O critério parece-vos dúbio? Não percebem como um carve consegue uma melhor nota que um aéreo e vice-versa? O mesmo com uma combinação tubo roundhouse cutback vs aéreo floater? Bom, o Adrian Buchan, numa recente entrevista à Surfing Magazine, explica o que os juízes querem ver. E sabem uma coisa? Não podia estar mais de acordo.

"What factors will win and lose you heats on tour this year and who will that suit?

Good surfing is gonna win you heats. You saw that on the [Gold Coast] with Kelly. He was able to mix it up in heats but he wasn’t surfing super new school. Taj was the most exciting guy and he had a pretty innovative attack but he wasn’t busting out many airs. And Tiago made the semis and he’s just a really solid, powerful surfer. Good surfing, whether it is above the lip, in the barrel or on the face is gonna win you heats. And if you’re maturing as a surfer and progressing. Dusty really showed that in the first event, that he’d gone away and worked on things that he failed to execute last year."

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