O que nos trará o futuro? É que Dane está insatisfeito..

Leiam esta entrevista da Stab e vejam o que se passa. Se não tiverem tempo, arranjem-no. Aqui ficam alguns excertos da entrevista.. Será que Dane vai continuar no Tour? Será que Dane vai sair da Quiksilver? Será que Dane vai continuar a surfar? Ainda por cima ele está lesionado, vai ser operado e vai ficar dez semanas fora de água..

STAB: It’s possible there will be financial ramifications if you choose to leave the tour. You’ve sacrificed earnings for the sake of quality of life in the past haven’t you?

DR: After my first two years with Quiksilver I told the guy – he doesn’t do this job anymore – I felt like they were wringing me dry. I would fly over to the east coast for a signing and fly to Huntington for a signing. I was too nice. They would ask me and I would do it. It came time to re-sign and I’d been talking to this guy about management because I didn’t really know shit about that. (The Quiksilver guy) was like, “I highly suggest you sign this contract and then get a manager. Don’t do it now.” And that got me thinking, “Yeah, alright I’m gonna get a manager.” I told him, “Dude, I would way rather get paid a quarter of what I’m getting paid for a quarter of the responsibility.” He’s like, (Dane puts on the voice of a troll) “Okay.” So he drew me up a contract for like 30,000 bucks or whatever, which is like, pretty cool but it was just funny that he jumped at the opportunity. People just take advantage at every opportunity. And I’m too nice, I get taken advantage of super easy. It’s good to have someone who doesn’t take shit (a manager).”

STAB: Do you feel your appeal is because you resemble something different to a conservative and corporatized modern incarnation of surfing?

DR: Yeah but you know what sucks about that? I’m as much aligned with the corporate agenda as anyone else. Well fuck, man, although I feel like I’m misrepresented by Quiksilver for the most part, I’m sponsored by one of the biggest surf companies in the world and every action I do, is for someone else to sell product… I don’t think surfers are disenchanted. I’ve seen Kolohe (Andino), I’ve seen Evan Geiselman at the last couple of events. They don’t question anything or think twice about this whole pro surfing format. Surfing is in kind of a funny place. But you know when I was a kid I would see Chris Malloy wearing a yellow rashguard and I’d be like I want that rashguard. And they weren’t really representative of him.

STAB: But you’re not wearing yellow rashguards. You’re wearing clothes that aren’t your sponsor’s (a big no, no in surfing). What are some of the other thing’s you’ve done that have chafed your employer?

DR: At the Pipe Masters I had a hand-drawn logo on my board that was barely there, I guess. And they got really upset about that. On the webcast, I guess it didn’t look like there was a logo there. It was there. But now, with the manager I have a buffer so I probably don’t hear sometimes where before it was really personal and I’d feel really bad about losing a heat even. Listen to this. When I first got sponsored by Quiksilver, I got a wildcard into the Snapper event and I was 18 or whatever. I was so lanky and so far from competing against world tour guys. I surfed a heat against Kelly because I was a low seed. He got two eights and a nine or something and I didn’t get shit. I came in and one of the guys from Quiksilver, I thought he was gonna be at least like, “Ah man, tough luck. Next time.” He’s like, “Needless to say, we’ve got a lot of work to do.”

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