Peniche. Shea Lopez vs Ian Cairns: com qual concordam?

Como em tudo na vida, há pelo menos dois lados em cada questão. Peniche e o evento do World Tour é, aparentemente, uma dessas questões. Shea Lopez, ex-top 45 e agora analista online da Surfer Mag, diz maravilhas do evento português. Ian Cairns, fundador da ASP, treinador da equipa americana de surf e novo autor dos Power Rankings, critica o nosso Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Deixo-vos os argumentos de ambos, com qual concordam?

Shea Lopez, aqui.
"(..)let me say Portugal turned up and turned it on for this year’s event. No matter which site—weekday or weekend—the crowds of surf fans gathered at the water’s edge to see their favorite surfers up close and personal, showing a tremendous amount of appreciation for the excellent surfing on display. To me it appeared to be a grassroots U.S. Open with the huge crowds, but in a much more toned-down atmosphere where everyone at the beach was hanging on every tube-ride or massive air. Good call Rip Curl on planting the Search event there permanently after last year’s success. The combination of excellent surf ranging from barreling Supertubos to the ultra launchable ramps of Belgas was a real treat again. This combination requires the winner to be ready for anything every day and able to excel at both disciplines if they hope to make it deep into the event."

Ian Cairns, aqui.
"I seriously struggle with the idea that the waves around Peniche are equal to a WT status event.Supertubos is awesome for half a day on a perfect swell with the right tides and winds, but the rest of the waves they've run the event in make Huntington look sweet. Nonetheless, there is a whole group of WT surfers who seem to like the waves: Wilko and Taj wanted to surf Belgas, so I guess there is a place for a beachbreak event. Personally, I'd have all the events on reefs with tradewinds."

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