Perry Hatchett fala!

O anterior chefe de juízes da ASP, Perry Hatchett, que no início deste ano foi surpreendentemente despedido da ASP após doze anos de fiel serviço à instituição, finalmente falou exactamente sobre isto, à Grind Tv.
Aqui fica a (demasiado) curta entrevista:

"The ASP has said that they have decided not to renew your contract with them. Do you know what reasoning they would have for doing so?
Still don't have a clue why they did this.

Was this something that you saw coming or did it come out of the blue?
Totally out of the blue, even the surfer reps, the board members, and senior judges didn't know of it.

How did they let you know the news?
By telephone on Australia Day. I had already done the ASP World Junior event.

What's your take on the future of the ASP now? 
With their leadership and commercialism at present it will have no soul as all the main players get ousted when they become too popular. Sad state of affairs, really. [Look at] how quickly pro surfing forgets the people that help them get to where they are.

What's your next step going to be?
Help people within the surf world. [I'm] still and working with ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors ). Have a lot of good ideas and would love to put them to use after 20 years at the top level of surfing. Just about to write some new judging guidelines for beginners as well as a criteria and basics for SUP events around the place. Been invited to go to Taiwan and help them. So if anybody out there needs a hand anywhere in the world with judging, coaching, or surfing in general give me a shout. "

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