Freddy P em entrevista ao Surfline

No seguimento do editorial imediatamente abaixo deste post, deixo-vos aqui uma excelente entrevista do Mike Cianciulli do site Surfline ao Freddy P, o carismático havaiano do Tour. Podem ler aqui mas primeiro abram o apetite com alguns dos excertos da entrevista que aqui deixo.

"Some people don't think that Bede Durbidge has World Title potential, but on any given day that guy will smoke more than half the people in the world. A lot of us will that are on tour."

"We're also losing out on our only Portuguese surfer [Tiago Pires], if he doesn't make it, a few French guys, a few international guys...and we're an international sport, so I think we might lose a bit of our international appeal cutting the numbers."

"You got to know your way around small surf and big surf. I think that's why competitive surfing has the true guys that are the best in the world because they can do it all. But it is cool to watch these kids do flips and sh*t."

"I think half the guys that are video surf stars can't even do a decent bottom turn, can't do a decent top turn, and can barely pull into the barrel. You'll see these videos and onshore is the new offshore. Basically, small waves are the new big waves unless you're a big wave surfer guy like Greg Long."

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