Owen Wright à conversa com a ASL

A conversa de sempre, "o que é feito?", "o que achas disto?" "e daquilo?". De qualquer forma, vale a pena ler, aqui. Fiquem com algumas passagens da entrevista, já aqui em baixo.. (foto ASL/ Shield)

"Tell us about the Nike 6.0 Lowers Pro, it seemed like a bit of a coming out party for all this progressive surfing we've heard so much about.
It was so sick! I’d never surfed it in an event like it before, it definitely lived up to the hype. There was something like 181 airs stomped, but the only guys left from the Quarters and Semis onwards were power surfers, so I guess the wave is perfect for everything.


You lost to Andy Irons, is he on his way back to the top?
Yeah Andy got me. He was in synch that event and looked like he was going to win it until he snapped his magic board. I think he’s on his way back to his best, he’s such a good surfer, all the best to him.


The next two events are at J-Bay and Teahupo’o. Have you surfed them both before?
I haven’t surfed J-Bay, but I’ve surfed Chopes and it was awesome. It’s so perfect and kinda easy until it gets to eight foot. When it gets bigger it’s pretty scary looking, but so hollow and sick. I’ll probably go to J-Bay a week early to warm up for the comp, I can’t wait, it looks like the funnest wave."

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