Mestre Nick Carroll "telling it how it is"

Pequenos excertos do texto de Nick Carroll sobre o round 3 e 4, para a ASL.

Sobre Taj Burrow: "Taj Burrow is so on his game it almost hurts to watch"

Sobre Owen Wright: "O’s learning about the difference between Wildcard World and Rookiedom. In rookie class, you fuck up over and over again, every way possible, until you learn the lessons and stop fucking up. Owen’s fortunate he’s getting 17ths in the process – it means he’s surfing more heats than if he were getting 33rds, and an extra heat or two will flatten out the learning curve."

Sobre Mick Fanning : " His first wave is almost unbearably sharp and precise. Is this why he keeps getting called a robot by the internet kook squad – ‘cause they hate people who don’t fuck up, just as a matter of principle? The next wave, Mick puts up an enormous frontside air, no grab, nothing. It’s the biggest move of the day, probably. Fucken robot!"

Leiam (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - é uma ordem) tudo, aqui.

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