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Steve Nug, do blog Nugable, fez as suas previsões para o "upcoming" evento do WCT em Bells Beach e pediu uma opinião ao Shea Lopez, ex-top 45 e irmão do Cory Lopez. Sem dúvida que Shea tem razão em certos aspectos..

"Lastly, Shea Lopez graciously agreed to give his thoughts and experiences on Bells.  

Shea On Bells
“Rip Curl does know it’s 2010? In the midst of all the changes to the tour, this year is the perfect time to reinvent this comp. What constitutes a good wave in the now is a far cry from what my dad and his friends searched for in the ’60s. I understand and fully respect the history behind this event, but Bells is a hoo-haw of a wave. The wave is mushy when small, and even mushier if it actually gets big. At size, it’s only barely double overhead, breaks wide of the bowl and closes out across to Winkipop — where the real wave begins. A masters, retro fish, or longboard event would be much more suited for the wave.    
My disgust for surfing heats at Bells was unequaled anywhere on the WT, or even the WQS. My preparation consisted of surfing Winki and praying the event moved there or Joanna. My best result being a fifth at Joanna, while my brother got a third at Phillip Island. The most memorable heat I surfed at Bells was after a long night of partying with some childhood friends of mine. They were just along for the ride and I never minded showing them a good time. Long story, short version. I puked numerous times in the line-up and then blacked out momentarily in the shorebreak. As I stumbled up the beach I had no idea I’d just beaten one of my childhood heroes…until the video crew came rushing up to interview me. A similar experience unfolded that very night, except the next morning Dorian put me in a severe combo situation. 
That’s it. That’s all I can remember of relevance from 10 years at Bells. With numerous quality waves in the area, it’s a shame to waste so much talent on the bunny slopes of Bells.”

(tirado do Nugable)

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Pranchas de Surf disse...

:) Bells é uma onda mítica e não me parece que o Lopez vá mudar isso ou a localização da prova da Rip Curl... :) Abraço!

Diogo Alpendre disse...

Concordo plenamente! E, pessoalmente, até gosto da onda. É das poucas em que dá para ver quem tem um verdadeiro jogo de "carvings" e "turns", para além de leitura de onda.

Obrigado por comentares, vai passando e sente-te livre para (voltares a) comentar quando quiseres!


Diogo aqui do blog

Julio Adler disse...

Shea é um mero pontuador de onda.
Jamais vai entender a grandeza dos sinos.