Quem sabia esta?

Vá, a sério, quem sabia que o Shaun White (aka Crominho do Snowboard) se chama Shaun porque o surfista preferido do pai era o Shaun Tomson? Não acreditam? Vejam em baixo?

"PLAYBOY: Your father named you after Shaun Tomson, his favorite surfer. How come you didn’t end up a professional surfer?
WHITE: I was probably on a boogie board when I was four or five. I was small enough that I could actually stand on it. I was always at the beach, and my dad just decided one day, “Well, you’ve been running the boogie board. You could surf.” I was seven or eight, maybe. He went out and bought a hardboard and took me out to the water on a huge day. Big waves, and it’s California, so it gets really cold. He was dragging me out over these huge waves. I was like, “I’m not ready!” He said, “Here comes one.” I went under, getting just swirled and swirled. I came up [gasps], swirled more, and then I came up to get air again. I was freaking out, and the board smashed me in the face. I was bleeding. I said, “I hate you, and I never wanna do this again.” So I shied away until I was about 13."

"Han, o quê, Playboy?!?!?!". Sim caros leitores, Playboy. Vejam a prova das provas no link que se segue, ou seja, aqui.

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