Entrevista ao Saca pela Surf Europe

Pausa competitiva, mudança de anos. Resultado? Viagens, análises, apanhados, melhores do ano, piores do ano, fotografias do ano, campeonatodos do ano, wipeout do ano, "babe" do ano, entrevistas aos derrotados, entrevistas aos vencedores, entrevistas. A Surf Europe não se fez diferente e foi falar com o Saca, a conferir aqui com um "apetizer já em baixo.

"Your year had a bit of symmetry with last year, a 3rd and then some pretty average results. 

It’s crazy how consistently inconsistent I am. I’ve always been a bit like that, I’d get a really good result on the QS then couldn’t back it up. But this year I had an injury, I drew Mick and Joel in Australia second round, I had a few really close heats, Trestles, Mundaka, heats that could’ve gone my way but didn’t. But every time I lose I just make sure I don’t miss the lesson. There’s always a lesson. I’m stoked that I get to prove myself next year again, and I feel like my surfing is still getting better every year."

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