Stab Mag e Julian Wilson

Que melhor pretexto é preciso para fazer uma entrevista que o lançamento de um site? Nenhum. Daí a Stab ter entrevistado Julian Wilson sobre aquele pretexto. Aqui fica o link e um aperitivo. 

"Whose, out of the multitude of surfer’s blogs, do you regularly visit? 

Mainly Dane’s one. He always puts up his best clips and cool shit up there. I heard from a friend he posts all his best shit up there. I won’t be doing anything like that, at least not until I’ve put together a banging movie. I go on there frequently because he’s constantly putting up clips and that’s what I’ve taken away from it. As long as you keep a little blog or video thing updated every few days, people will log on." 

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