Billabong larga evento do WT em Mundaka - é caso para dizer "Finalmente tiveram tomates!"

ASL (Australia's Surfing Life) lançou a notícia de um comunicado da Billabong em que é dito que esta marca vai deixar de fazer o evento do WT em Mundaka e não haverá mesmo a etapa na esquerda basca  já no próximo ano de 2010. 
A ASL refere ainda na notícia que Portugal é um dos locais em estudo  pela Billabong para receber um evento na Europa, muito por causa do sucesso do The Search em Peniche.

Aqui fica a notícia (fonte).

"This morning Billabong announced in a press release they'll no longer be running their World Tour event at Mundaka. 

"After 10-years at the location it was felt that Mundaka’s dependency on large swells and short tide windows to allow competition made it difficult for the event to be completed within the normal event waiting period."
This will come as a relief to the Top 45 who have made it clear over the past few years that although they love Mundaka when it's on, the back up venues of Sopelana and Bakio are far from Dream Tour standard waves. Given how fickle the famous left hander is, the event has been run at the back-up venues more often than not, occasionally deciding the world title.
Bong is on the hunt for another location for a European World Tour event, and given the continuing surge in Euro success, and the wonderful Search event thas was rn in Portugal this year, is optimistic of a good outcome.
"While there will be no Billabong world tour event scheduled for Europe in 2010,  the company is exploring a number of potential opportunities for elite world tour competition in the region for 2011." (fonte)

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